Join Us – Membership and Audition Information


Guiseley Theatrical Productions is a membership organisation and we are reliant on our members to be able to run the organisation and put on shows. There are many different ways to be involved as a member – we are inclusive, valuing the skills and contributions that everyone makes.

Footloose cast and crew

Those who perform in our productions are known as ‘playing members’ and we welcome new playing members each time we audition for a new production.

There are other ways to participate as a member such as:

  • Front of House e.g. selling programmes, stewarding audience members to seats when we have a production
  • Backstage e.g. helping with props, make-up & hair, wardrobe, set changes, building & painting set, managing the workshop where sets are built and stored
  • In-house e.g. supporting the organising and running of fundraising events, joining the team who make refreshments for cast and crew in rehearsals and show week, chaperoning when productions involve children